Technological Platforms

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Our specialized technological platforms combine highly specialized human resources and state of the art technical equipment in order to facilitate the research conducted by qualified scientific and medical staff.

Researchers are thus provided with permanent access to the most advanced technologies available. They also benefit from the expertise and advice of specialists who develop projects and analyze the results obtained.
Several platforms are regularly used in the LYric projects. Some of them are directly financed by the LYric and others are available to outside researchers according to the nature of their projects.

To conduct and understand the analyses

The platforms involved in obtaining and analysing genetic data are particularly important. The current ability to decipher the entire genome of a person or the transcriptome of a tumour paves the way for developing tailor-made treatments.
Several platforms, currently in use by partners of the Lyric, have the additional technological means to carry out detailed genetic studies.
Furthermore, additional platforms, such as the Bioinformatics Platform, are dedicated to the analysis of huge quantities of data. They are able to identify which elements may be important when taking on and taking care of patients, from a prognostic point of view, or to select the most appropriate treatment.

To measure the immune system

Several of the projects conducted at the LYric focus specifically on stimulating the immune system as part of the treatment for cancer, or also known as “immunotherapy”.
Current strategies aim to stimulate cells of the immune system so that they identify and destroy cancer cells.
Furthermore, through the immunomonitoring platforms of the Centre Léon Bérard and the Hospices Civils de Lyon, we can measure the effects of a chosen treatment.

These platforms have also been able to set up shared projects, which will facilitate the clinical studies of drugs affecting the immune system.


Centre of  Biological Resources (CRB)

The CRB of the Centre Léon Bérard has to prepare, conserve and make avalailable quality biological samples (tumors, blood, cells…) collected with expressed consent of the patients for the scientific projects of our research teams.

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The NGS technology (Next Generation Sequencing) can detect the molecular anomalies (mutation, deletion, insertion) in biological samples, for a clinical and therapeutic care tailor-made for the genetic profile of each patient.



Thanks to the Bioplex, this platform can analyse until 50 parameters (biomarker) in a very small blood sample, in order to develop predictive or prognostic tests that are less invasive for the patients.


CGH Agilent
Regarding the cancer care, the CGH is a diagnosis, pronostic and tumor treatment tool.
For ProfiLER, we can detect chromosomal anomalies that target particular genes, in order to propose  tailor-made targeted therapies for patients.



The Affymetric platforme disposes of tools to analyse the genome and its expression from biological samples : tumor, blood. The aim of the analyses is to define which genetic anomaly is involved in the disease, in order to improve the therapeutic patient care.





Plateforme immuohistochimie


Plateforme Cytométrie

Cytométrie de Flux

The flow cytometry device characterize cell populations depending on the markers at the surface.

For example, some lymphocytes has a CD4 marker. We add in the cell suspension a CD4 antibody marked with a fluorescent molecule. Lors du passage dans l’appareil, la fluorescence va être révélée par un rayon laser et nous allons capter la lumière réémise afin de qualifier et quantifier la présence de ces cellules CD4.



The platform is dedicated for the discover of new therapeutic targets and innovative drugs against cancer.

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Bioinformatic Platform

The amount of results generate by the other platforms of the LYric can not be used as it is.
The Bioinformatic Platformhas the strong technological means and the skilled staff to manage and make the results explainable, in ordrer to improve the patient care.

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